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Главная arrow Выпуски журнала arrow Выпуск 4/2008 arrow 11 - ГАLЕРЕЯ - Ева Кайзер
11 - ГАLЕРЕЯ - Ева Кайзер

Die Kunst – ein ewiger Flug – eine Schaukel die mich stets in Lust, Bewegung und Lebensfreude schwingt.
Ich male einfach Seele.

Art – an ongoing flight – a swing, between delight, motion and zest for life.
I just paint soul.

People say that in my art one sees such great variety – and why?

Every picture has its own story, a story that it wants to tell or perhaps keep to itself. Everybody carries their own story, every tree or ocean, even every plot of earth. These stories want to be told; they call to me and want me to hear the tales they have to tell.
These tales are often sad or they’re glad – but always interesting. That is my art – to tell stories with pictures.

I was born and grew up in Salzburg, and visited the school for applied arts. Until the the years I tried different materials and techniques like silk-painting, oiland acrylic birth of my children, I worked as a Textile- and Graphic Designer. Since then, I only work as an Artist. Over painting and mixed techniques. I improved my skills autodidactic and participated in the International Salzburg Summer academy of Art.
I studied in the masterclass of Jacobo Borges, where I mainly worked on figurative themes. Then I was admitted to the masterclass of Hermann Nitsch, and painted exclusively abstract.
Since 2006 I have my own Gallery in the centre of Salzburg.
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